Most of our albums can be customized with the following cover choices.   We have a variety of materials and you can further personalize your album with a photo, emboss, or stitching. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for you can even use your own cover material.



A sophisticated option chosen for durability, style and texture. Due to the nature of the leather, the cover can appear more pebbly on some albums vs. others. Over time, the texture will wear into a softer material creating rounded corners.


Stands the test of time and comes in a variety of colors. 


Sometimes gets confused with our genuine leather because it looks so much like the real thing. However, it has a smoother texture, a consistent color throughout and produces more of a square corner than the leather. This material can be a great choice when on a budget. We recommend choosing a foil emboss for this material.


If leather isn't your thing then this contemporary, chic cover choice could be the answer. What is buckram? It's a stiff cloth material made of cotton, occasionally linen and designed to withstand heavy use in libraries by offering strength and moisture resistance. Our buckram covers come with a slight glossy sheen. 


From finer fibers to more distinct, this is a great choice if you like the woven look. Stretched to feel coarser than your more typical linens, it is a strong material that tends to repel dirt, stains and high temperatures, 


An elegant choice for an album cover, our Asahi Silk material has a textured fiber that flows in a horizontal direction. While delicate to the touch like most silks, it's built to last.