The Vogue is a chic album that lends itself to expansive designs that can seamlessly spread across two pages.  The page fold is 2mm wide so there is very little intrusion with the image.  There are endless possibilities with this custom designed layout and because of the slimline nature of the Vogue it can display a high number of photos without looking overcrowded or feeling bulky.  It is definitely our most popular choice.  Laiyin and Dan's Manhattanesque wedding was photographed by Craig Paulson Photography

This quality hand-bound album features digitally printed photographs framed beneath a core-board or a textured flat mat. The Art is a stunning custom designed book that showcases a polished and traditional approach to your special day. The images are primarily displayed with a frame around each page, however, with a little trickery we can exhibit an image that impressively lies across two pages ... check out the second to last spread of Darcy and Ross's intimate upstate wedding.  Photographed by Craig Paulson Photography

Our most exclusive album ... the Fusion has the ability to combine the classic matted page with a flush mount digital page. It's a great choice when you can't decide between the two page styles. Why not have all the elements that can showcase your day in the most unique way possible?  Your stationary can be beautifully preserved in your album together with classic framed images and expansive, full spread pictures.  Lisa and Chris's quintessential New York Wedding was photographed by Craig Paulson Photography

The binding of this album is phenomenal. The pages are separated with a mere fold in the paper. Truly remarkable.  Like the Vogue and Coffee Table Book the image is printed directly onto the flush magazine style page.  The Picture Book's special twist ...wait for it .... a picture that can be displayed across the entire hardback cover.  It's our most portable book ranging in various sizes.  It also serves really well as a Guest Book for your wedding day. Hina and Nilam chose the Picture Book for their memorable Mehndi ceremony. Photographed by Craig Paulson Photography