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When your daughter reaches 18, it's a milestone that definitely warrants being honored. Electra wanted to do just that for her daughter, Allegra, and came to us with an impressive assortment of photos, mementos, email notes, handwritten letters and drawings, collected over the years. We used them to create a unique storybook of memories that stretched from childhood to graduation. This book is truly crammed with love.

The fiery red leather cover was chosen to represent Allegra's school colors, topped with her initials and graduation date combined with a classy duo stitch.

Well done Mom!


"The Album Room did the most fantastic job putting together an album for my daughter.                  The layout and flow was ALL done by their incredibly creative team. I gave Kylie an array of letters, emails, poems, and mementos and she arranged them perfectly into the album, choosing which to enlarge and combining all of the right materials. Further she was really communicative and helpful thru the entire process."

See all memory album styles here