Brooke and Sam Photography

Brooke and Sam Photography - avid travelers and wedding photographers are known for their knack for storytelling and portrayal of fun, poignant and spontaneous wedding day moments. Below is a sneak peek of two very different albums and couples shot by this dynamic duo.

The vibrant street art of Brooklyn provides a unique and interesting backdrop for this happy couple.  The ceremony took place at Greenpoint Loft.

The Picture Book, with its seamless binding and flush magazine style, was the album of choice.

Moving away from the metropolitan aesthetic of the streets of Greenpoint to a sunny day in the woods ...

You can't beat a beautifully decorated rustic barn to compliment a party!

The Vogue digital album - complete with a custom emboss and a Platinum Asahi Silk cover - consists of images printed directly onto the page.  Whilst boasting slimline pages it still keeps the weight of a traditional album.