It's all in the Details

A wedding detail is never too small or quirky for your photographer to document. Most good wedding photographers will be constantly looking for special tags that make your wedding your own. Whether its an I-phone entry or bunch of shells on the beach ….. it never hurts to stress to your photographer this element is important to you!

Details scattered between special people in your album help to capture the environment and mood. It also allows a break on the eye so you are not overwhelmed with faces!

… those shoes were expensive! Before they end up on the feet of your 3 yr old in dress-up mode, why not preserve them in your album.

… to all our customers for entrusting us with their precious memories.  To all our photographers for having faith we will represent their work beautifully and thank you to our staff for their hard work and dedication to The Album Room.

We are proud to be sending this pile of books to various Thanksgiving celebrations all over the US. Enjoy reliving the memories.