Assisted Design Service

Become a designer for the day by choosing our Assisted Design service! With this D.I.Y. option, you have complete control over the story that you’d like to tell through your album. Take a seat at one of our crystal clear Mac computers and create an album as beautiful as the memories from your special day.

The software program is easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop your selected photos onto a predesigned template. We’ll give you a quick tutorial, and then you’re free to design your whole album however you’d like. Don’t be intimidated though- we’ll be by your side the entire time, just incase you need some help with the program, or even just a second opinion.

Newlyweds Orlie and Joe chose to take advantage of this unique D.I.Y. design service. Their experience was quick and enjoyable, and they created a beautiful album together here at The Album Room.

 Look at how great it came out!

Orlie was kind enough to say a few words about her experience as a designer for the day:

“My husband and I absolutely loved our experience with The Album Room!  We had a very personalized, DIY wedding in Manhattan on a budget.  From designing my own gown, to handmade invitations, to a very carefully selected playlist for the band… we did it all.  So it was only appropriate that we custom-made our wedding album, too!  The ladies at The Album Room made the process simple and fun.  Their templates were very intuitive and their space serene and calming.  With so many options to choose from (layouts, colors, materials) our wedding album turned out beautifully – and just the way we envisioned it.  Thank you The Album Room for helping us create an album we will cherish forever!”

So if you’re feeling creative, interested in seeing exactly how our design process works, or just looking to save some time and money, our assisted design service is for you!