A Modern Twist

A recent client of ours, Robin Lewis, came into The Album Room with just 50 snapshots of her wedding from 1972. After assisting her children with weddings and albums, she decided it was the time for her and her husband to have an album of their own.

Robin opted to go with the sleek, modern look of the Vogue album to showcase her photographs.  She chose the 9x9 size so that it is easily transported and picked the resilient vinyl in putty for a rich-looking cover.

We scanned and enhanced the photographs to make them richer while still staying true to the look and feel of them.  The combination of red-hued color images and the high-contrast black and whites translated well when assembled together in the album.

Robin also had a newspaper announcement and a wedding invitation saved that we integrated into the album.  Now her keepsakes from her special day are preserved in an album that she and her husband, children, and grandchildren can enjoy for years to come.

Thank you Robin and Jay for allowing us to share these!