A Beautiful Beginning


Tad & Jonathan came to us with the most gorgeous photographs of their wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  They were married on New Year's Eve of last year - what an incredible way to start 2013!  It wasn't hard to be inspired when creating their Fusion album while looking at the turquoise ocean and smiling faces.


We never would have imagined by looking at the photographs that the days leading up to the wedding were stormy and even the morning of, backup plans were being devised.  Luckily, the clouds parted just in time for the ceremony and nature gifted Tad & Jonathan clear skies and a breathtaking sunset for their reception.


Tad & Jonathan included the front and back of their invitation to be used on the first page.  A theme throughout their wedding was the Greek key, and we incorporated that design into their custom embossing.  Look closely and you'll find a T and a J!


The night ended with dancing and fireworks in the distance.  We think it's the most memorable way to start the new year and a life together.


Thank you, Tad and Jonathan, for allowing us to blog your album and for being such a pleasure to work with!  Photography by Alec & T. Photography